Mission and Vision

The Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee [HHAWK] Committee extend invitation to Indigenous communities, religious institutions, academic institutions, political institutions, and people in all walks of life in order to end massacre, racism, war and to further global healing of the essential “multi-generational wounding” caused by these acts. Since religion is one of the historical modes of oppression, focusing on healing the wounds between Indigenous people and world religions — in particular Christianity — we believe could create a significant shift in consciousness and healing from 2015 – 2018.  

The recent apology to Indigenous people by Pope Francis is a significant step in this process and demonstrates the need for work in these areas. The work by the Canadian Truth & Reconciliation Commission with their First Nations people is another example of “breaking ground,” and should not be an end point, but the beginning of historic healing work.  

HHAWK will be making a presentation to the Parliament of World Religions, which has been supporting Indigenous healing over the past decade and in 2015 is continuing to focus on Indigenous communities and ending war, violence and hate speech.




Hand in hand, heart to heart, let us step forward together into this new millennium to engender Peace!  We envision Humanity in vibrant health, joyous abundance in balance with our earth with governance arising from wisdom, truth and justice, love and peace.


Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee [HHAWK] is a focal point for leadership in healing ceremonies and modalities to heal essential and ancient wounds of humanity. Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee will ignite this process of healing for Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities alike.  We endeavor to  connect Indigenous and modern wisdom in a synergistic and transformed way to tackle the complexity of our common human challenges now.