Invitation to Support the Ride


boy-1We invite horseback riders, walkers, runners, and support volunteers to join with us on this historic journey and the next 3 years.

This year is historic.  We are hosting the 25th Bigfoot Band Memorial Ride. We expect hundreds of  riders, walkers, runners, media and volunteer support staff. This will include a diverse group of people of all ages and from all over the world.


We Need:

  1. Volunteers to help the cooks to prepare and serve 3 hot meals/day
  2. Volunteer drivers with support vehicles for the riders, walkers, and horses & to carry their belongings, food and bedding
  3. Medics and vets to help with both human and horse injuries [hopefully NONE will occur!]
  4. Strong armed people to put up and take down the temporary corrals for the horses twice daily
  5. Strong armed people to help with hauling saddles; horse feeding; mounting and dismounting riders
  6. Mechanics who can assist with vehicle break-downs [hopefully NONE  will occur!]
  7.  Volunteers for miscellaneous needs both expected and unexpected
  8. Horseback Riders
  9. Walkers
  10. Runners

We are inviting people to participate and contribute to this effort in many ways:

  1. For those who can come, Welcome! We appreciate your healing energies, traditions and practices on the ride, walk, or run.
  2. Please organize and/or attend a ceremony on December 29th at other sites of massacre or simply at your chosen place of worship.
  3. We have calculated that it costs $300 per rider, walker, or runner for the entire journey; to buy food, fuel, feed horses, buy firewood, etc. for everyone.
  4. We welcome your financial support!  You can contribute financially by clicking here.  OR if you have supplies to contribute, please let us know by clicking here.

Your contribution will feed horses, riders, runners, walkers, volunteers; allow for medical care; supply tents; firewood; gasoline and water for all the support vehicles for the horses and all human participants so crucial to a snowy winter journey. Be an integral part of this important movement. Please join in Prayer wherever you are.  Please send whatever amount you’re moved to — we welcome your support; every prayer counts and no amount of financial support is too small!

Join us as we and the world begin the Heal Our Hearts at Wounded Knee! 

Volunteer and other contributions