Readings For The Ceremony, Healing Hearts At Wounded Knee

Readings For The Ceremony,

Healing Hearts At Wounded Knee


Sijsele Belgium: Gritta Maes

Dear relatives from across the Atlantic Ocean. We are grateful, as organizers of the Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee Ceremony Belgium to be part of this Global Remembrance Movement. We will pray, sing, dance, make music, weep, laugh, tell stories, remember and commemorate knowing that we are not alone, knowing that we are part of a growing group of human beings who know how important Healing of the Heart is. We will remember all our ancestors who suffered and died in wars and genocides. In Belgium a lot of Native Americans fought in both World Wars I and II. We will pray for all the people who are right now suffering from violence and are dying in wars all over the world. We would like to pay attention to our own little wars, in the family, amongst neighbours, in ourselves. We can feel anger, hatred, jealousy, resentment, hopelessness and pain in our hearts because of what happened and still happens to our relatives, ourselves and the world. But we also can choose to open up that same heart for brighter things . Heartbeat after heartbeat we can let go of all these crippling feelings because we are not alone. We can choose to let love, joy, forgiveness, laughter and empathy touch our souls. Then healing can start. It’s not an easy journey to embark upon. The Great Spirit and our ancestors will guide us and support us as well as Mother Earth. Our Mother Earth who also screams for healing. A lot of us can learn a lot from the wisdom of the Native Americans. Standing Bear learns us: …the old Lakota was wise. He knew that a man’s heart, away from nature, becomes hard; he knew that lack of respect for growing, living things soon led to lack of respect for humans, too. So he kept his children close to nature’s softening influence. Thank you for being part of this ceremony and we wish you all a forgiveful life. Gritta, Saskia and many more Belgium Healing Hearts supporters


Antwerp Belgium: Marja van der Heijden



Mt Shasta CA USA

I pray with you.

I act in peace with you.

I shine love with you.

I am You.


Kings Beach CA USA: Joanne Paolillo


A good nation I will make live. This the nation above has said. They have given me the power to make over.” Black Elk


Los Angeles CA USA: Michael O’Keefe

My prayers are with the riders, their families, friends, supporters, and all the ancestors. All My Relations.


Phuket Thailand: Rafael Bellavita

We people of all races, colors and beliefs come together today with you in joining our hearts and hands to be part of this momentous journey to heal the hearts of all and to bring Peace and love to all peoples and these lands


Turcifal Portugal: Laura Esculcas

Today in Portugal, we walk the labyrinth in Celebration of your Memorial Ride, in Honor of the Ancestors, and to Hold the Earth and all who dwell in her in the Light of Love.


Bayfield CO USA: Isa Vasanti

Sadness is here… She often comes to stay until I greet Her with respect and love. She then gently talks to me, teaching me the kind path of allowing and accepting what is, what I am offered to feel for myself and for my sisters and brothers. When I allow her to visit me, when I say yes to Her taking me, when I let Her move through me, She gently transforms me. She brings me closer to my deep heart where all truths meet. She is energy moving like everything is. I called Her sadness when in truth She is just another expression of Her.


4 thoughts on “Readings For The Ceremony, Healing Hearts At Wounded Knee

  1. As we all come together in Spirit with Love, in our Divine nature, with ceremony and prayer connecting all our people’s with Sacred Mother and Father Sun. With the help of our Ancestors, we bring love and healing, through forgiveness to our home. Purifying our waters, forests, deserts and air. Returning Honour to all beings. We forgive ourselves, We forgive others, We forgive past experiences and move forward in Freedom and Joy!
    A huge thank you to you all for this amazing event! In Spirit and Heart I ride with you!!!!!!


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  3. May the great oneness blanket the Mother Earth, and all of its inhabitants, with healing warmth, love and forgiveness on this day and every day forward.

  4. Today, Dec 29th, my husband and i had a prayer ceremony in our living room. We also did shamanic journeying. I went straight to Wounded Knee.
    I had been there years before and cried with all the pain and suffering i felt there. As i journeyed today, i was a bit apprehensive, would i be overwhelmed again by the trauma and suffering. I had barely landed at the site in the sky above, when i was overwhelmed with profound peace. I never felt this good before. The entire atmosphere around the site was completely liberated. Though I looked, i could not find the old wounds. Only the promise of a new beginning of us all as one whole and healed family.
    Oh, my gosh, we did it – all of us together, ushered in the sweet energy to live life in a new, complete and forgiven and forgiving way. Those who were wounded, those who did the wounding, i could not tell them apart as
    they both shared the same peace, the same promise for a new beginning.
    That peace is still with me as i write this at 2:44PM EST. Has anyone else
    experienced this today? All my love.

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