Healing Hearts Ceremony Andalucia, Spain

A’ho to all friends and relatives at Healing Hearts from Andalucia,

2013-july 2014 263A’ho to all friends and relatives at Healing Hearts from Andalucia, Spain. I am delighted to be accepted here and look forward to full participation and support in the healing process of the Wounded Knee Ceremony. At the ranch of CasaMasSana we are honored to offer regular ceremonies and gatherings and feel excited about involvement with plans for the 29th and beyond. We would also like to hold space for the healing of our local neighborhood following the civil war atrocities in the 1930’s as these wounds also remain close to the surface. Many thanks to all involved and blessings from espaƱa. Here we are…



Peace begins when we turn away from what they do and turn towards who they are. Together let us Stand with Life and our Ancestors on the Sacred Path and invite the Wisdom of Ages to bathe our wounds and the Spirit of Eternity to heal our sadness. Let Gratitude replace Grief and let each hour be held in ceremony for the Beauty of Creation. For all our Relatives. A’ho.



See our map post for more ceremony details:

CasaMasSana, Casares, Malaga, Spain

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