Suggestions & Guidance for Ceremony

264723_370Suggestions & Guidance for Ceremony

For those who would like support for ceremony, here is a tentative outline and two offerings from Grandmother Flordemayo.  Please feel free to have candles, flowers, an alter, if you wish, or other objects to assist you in creating a sacred, respectful or reverential space.  And, please feel free to have as much music as you feel inspired to have throughout!  There are some groups who will have a drum, which represents the human heartbeat in communion with the universal heartbeat.  These are all suggestions and ideas for you and may lead you to your own inspirations.  Please do feel free to use and honor your own spiritual and/or non-traditional practices.
1.  In gathering, here is an opening prayer from Grandmother Flordemayo:
Grandmother FlordemayoAs we start with our ceremonial prayers
we gaze our vision to the East
we recognize the direction in our prayers and heart
greetings and gratitude
We move clockwise to the South
we repeat again
moving again to the West
and we repeat again
We move to the North
We repeat again
As we come come in completion of the 4 directions
We honor the Earth
By touching the floor
We then raise our hands to honor the Heavens
this way we have brought our self in the movement of the
The Heaves and Earth and the 4 direction
Love and Light,
Flordemayo, Universal Healer
2.  You may want now to invite the Ancestors of your location to invite their blessings and give them thanks for their sacrifices and send them your blessings as you do ceremony to honor them.  Or you may have other invocations that you will want to use.  This is very open to your own spiritual practice or calling.
3.  You may want now to share some of the history of your place and why you are holding ceremony there.   As an alternative, you may want to cite “Our Call” on Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee, as this is a universal mission to end war and massacre.  Or you may be inspired to do other things related to your site.
4.  Here is a special offering from Grandmother Flordemayo which came to her specifically related to these ceremonies:

Spiritual Conversation with the Beloved Mother
(December 21, 2015)

When we make the commitment to bring a Global Prayer together, the prayers from the heart is our vessel.  Think of the breath as the vehicle.  We then consciously move these (prayers) from the Earth to the Heavens; and in our hands we hold a stone.  The stone represents a tangible object that we will pour all of our prayers; our good thoughts, our wishes, and everything that we as humans want to turn around and move that is not serving a purpose in our lives at this moment.  Embrace the stone and pouring into this stone all of your unconditional love, hold it throughout the day, sleep with it at night and allow it to become one with you.

On December 29th, at noon, when humanity plants their prayers for the future you can place your sacred stone in a place on the earth and allow it to bring circles of healing in the four directions of Mother Earth.  Seeing and knowing that these circles will come together and build a web of healing energy around the world not only on the 29th, we will continue to see the healing and the changes so that it can continue.


Folks should get or pick up a stone from their local area today, the day of the Winter Solstice, or the first opportunity upon hearing about this. The stone represents a tangible object that we will pour all of our prayers, our wishes (see above).   If they already have a stone, they can use this stone as well.   Either way is fine.   Also, we can suggest that folks keep the stone with them until  December 29th if they wish.
5.  This may be a place for some personal sharing from participants for their history, hopes for the future, future plans,  or however they feel moved to share.
6.  Closing Prayers

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  1. I have shared the wisdom of Grandmother FlorDeMayo with others who pray. My spiritual guidance has told me repeatedly to do this, just on my own. It was a great gift from spirit to come across a friend who knows of your website and is doing a prayer ceremony at her home on the 29th. We pray and meditate every day, and speak with Spirit constantly. The stone is a great way for those who do not see or feel Spirit to know that it is indeed real. Thank you

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