Our Call

Our Call to Global Ceremony  




Toward Indigenous and Global Healing

Our Call for Healing

You personally, your family, your friends, your community, your tribe, your church, your loved ones, your not so loved ones, your nation, your people, orphans, all homeless and hermits; We invite you to join in

Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee  

Inaugural Global Ceremony to End Massacre

125th Memorial Ceremony at the site of the Wounded Knee massacre

25th Reunion of the Chief Big Foot Band Memorial Ride

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

12 Noon

ALL OF HUMANITY suffers multi-lineal, multi-generational trauma and carries a grief so deep, so profound, so massive as to bring us to our knees in awe, overwhelm, shock, and pain buried in denial. We have WOUNDED KNEES!  WE HAVE WOUNDED HEARTS! All peoples have suffered for so very long, indeed our Earth is suffering with us!  The choice in clearly dawning — either grow and heal together or perish if we continue alone.

Please join us by gathering at your local sites of massacre, holocaust, places of human grief and suffering, places of worship, or in your own home to perform ceremony with us.

Our mission is to ignite a wave of healing so deep, so rich, so pure and so true that its far-reaching nature will carry inspiration to one another in every heart and every mind in each and every human being. We invite all to turn now to consciously face, embrace and pledge to heal these our deepest wounds so that we can bask in our birthright of joy, wisdom, freedom, love, beauty and peace.

We are much more than we have known. Hand in hand, heart to heart, let us step forward together into this new Millennium to engender Peace! Let us embrace and learn from our suffering.  Let us honor Life!  The Great Mystery of Life!



Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee

Out of the boundless Love we hold for Creation;

Out of the deepest Grace from which the Universe unfolds;

Out of the sourcing of all Wisdom;

Out of embracing, ceaseless Compassion;

Out of the tender, yet raging fire of Courage;

From the depth of our Heart of Hearts

Let Us

Cherish ourselves

Cherish one another

Cherish all children

Cherish all women, men, elders

Cherish all of every belief persuasion,

Cherish all of humanity, inclusively in such great need.

Let us cherish the two leggeds, the four leggeds,

The winged ones, all creatures great and small,

Let us cherish and treasure our Earthly planetary home.

For we have not yet learned to do this.

To honor all who ever died in war and massacre

To honor all who have ever died in holocaust

To honor all who have been tortured and died; who have been tortured and lived

To honor the Great Wounding of Humanity

We gather to finally heal.

Let us pledge to end massacre

Let us pledge to end genocide

Let us pledge to end racism

Let us pledge to end war

Let us pour forth the power of forgiveness

Let us nest in “brotherly/sisterly love”

Let us learn the depth, breadth and eternal nature of our true power

Let us learn what it is to more deeply Love

Let us sit in healing ministrations,

Let us hold heartfelt deliberations, reconciliation councils,

Let us host workshops, talking circles, gazing sessions,

Let us sing, dance, make music, art singly and together,

Let us listen to our stories, dreams and visions,

Invite inspiration to walk hand in hand

Let communities gather and ignite new life ways

Let us pray, meditate, deepen into Soul

Let restorative justice reign with wisdom and love

We are much more than we have ever known.


Leaders, dawning leaders, gather, bring your own

Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers,

Hermits, orphans, grandparents

We call to one and all

Come with us in person

Or come with us in spirit

Come with us to Wounded Knee

Let our passion and compassion

Bring us here on bended knee

We bow to you Creation

Heal our Hearts at Wounded Knee.


Great Mystery,

Great Spirit,

Divine Grace which creates the galaxies,

the stars,

our earth

and gives us the mystery of life,

be with us,

anoint us,

guide us,

heal us.

“Mitakuye Oyasin”

[We are all related]


“We can end the transmission of wounding”*

*James O’Dea

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