Updates from the Chief Big Foot Memorial Reunion Ride – Day 1& 2

Updates from the Chief Big Foot Memorial Reunion Ride – Bridger, SD and Four Corners, SD

Tuesday 12/22 the riders, walkers and runners gather for Ceremony, Blessings and Pledges for the Ride, Riders and Walkers.

Daniel, Afraid of Hawk who was with us on the 1990 ride, now 95yrs young joined to bless the ride the night before they circled and Gathered.

Daniel is an original Lakota cowboy. His father survived the massacre. Strong as a bull – he was adamant about being a part of this year’s ride festivities. All of us could learn about being a loving parent and friend from Daniel. 

Here are pictures of Daniel on the 1990 ride, and at Bridger, SD for the start of the Ride, and Blessing. 

Dan-Afraid-of-Hawk-1990 Dan-Afraid-of-Hawk-Bridget-12-22-small-95yrs

Percy White Plume has taken part in the Big Foot Ride since 1986, when it first started. He has been helping to sponsor the Big Foot Memorial Ride and the Future Generations Ride since 1990. He is currently in charge of all arrangements for this year’s 25th Year Reunion Ride for the Big Foot Riders and all riders who have ever taken part in the Wounded Knee Memorial Ride.

Here is Percy at Bridger, SD



Photos as they Circle for the Ride to Four Corners, SD on Wednesday morning, the first day of the Memorial Ride

Bridger_SD-12-23-IMG_0687 Bridger_SD-12-23-IMG_0730Bridger_SD-12-23-IMG_0728



Photos from the Second Morning of the ride as they gather and circle to ride from Four Corners, SD to Big Foot Pass

12-24-IMG_0761 12-24-IMG_0762


And our Peace Walkers 


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