Our Pledge

The-Pledge-Estancia-RememberIn making this pledge, we birth its power and allow inspiration to flourish toward its fulfillment.  It will guide us in synchronous and purposeful ways, we are all anxious to discover; indeed many of us are already on this great path!

Our Call

Come Join Us and Sign the Pledge

To honor the endless lineage of our Ancestors & Relatives who have sacrificed their lives in war, violence and massacre; we pledge to End Massacre; We pledge to End Genocide; we pledge to End Racism, we pledge to End War.

We are Jean F, Stephanie P, Gritta M, Julia G, Marilyn C, Raelene B, and many more.

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Healing Hearts Team. 

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We have over 150 Pledge Signers around the world.

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Questions: email us at info@healingheartsatwoundedknee.com

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