Readings For The Ride, Healing Hearts At Wounded Knee

Readings For The Ride,

Healing Hearts At Wounded Knee 



Below,  are the different prayers, poems, and readings people have submitted for us to share during the ride and during their own ceremonies.  These come from around the world.        

Sijsele Belgium: Gritta Maes

Dear riders, runners, supporters, horses and all beings involved in the Big Foot Band Memorial Ride. The organizers of Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee Belgium would like to offer you their support and love. We pray that the ride will be protected by The Great Spirit and by the ancestors. We hope that the elements will be gentle on you and if they aren’t that you find the courage and the strength to carry on. We pray that the people you meet will be of the welcoming kind. We ride along with you in heart and soul and wish that pain and grief of past and present times can be resolved and will be transformed in love. Thank you for embarking upon this journey, thank you all for helping others to heal and forgive. With love from Gritta, Saskia and many more.


Antwerp Belgium: Marja van der Heijden


Peace mantra:

asato mā sadgamaya

tamasomā jyotir gamaya

mrityormāamritam gamaya

Oṁ śhānti śhānti śhāntiḥ


From ignorance, lead me to truth;

From darkness, lead me to light;

From death, lead me to immortality

Om peace, peace, peace


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