Percy White Plume


Percy White Plume-200Percy White Plume

Percy has taken part in the Big Foot Ride since 1986, when it first started. He has been helping to sponsor the Big Foot Memorial Ride and the Future Generations Ride since 1990. He is currently in charge of all arrangements for this year’s 25th Year Reunion Ride for the Big Foot Riders and all riders who have ever taken part in the Wounded Knee Memorial Ride. He and his family have taken part in many rides to stop oil pipelines from crossing Tribal lands in both South Dakota and Minnesota.

Born on the Pine Ridge Reservation, Percy lives on his family’s tribal allotment land north of Manderson, on Pine Ridge, South Dakota. He has lived on the Pine Ridge Reservation his whole life. He and his wife Angie have 13 children and “a lot of grandchildren.” He is the founder and director of the Horse Spirit Society, which sponsors horse back riding for groups of all ages. He is also founder and owner of Lakota Trails, another Horse Nation program for outdoor recreation.