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You are invited to join with us in an ongoing Open Discussion Forum for Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee and the Generational Wounding of Massacres around the globe.  This is a continuation of the Forum initiated at the Parliament of World Religions on October 17,2015.

This December 29th at 12 noon in your local time zone please enter into prayer and sacred space with us.  Together let us honor all who have fallen not only at Wounded Knee, but all of our beloved ancestors who have fallen throughout the millennia of global conflict.  Let us create a Global Wide Ceremony together wherein we begin the sacred journey to redress and heal our multi-generational and multi-lineal wounds. Moving Forward in a Sacred Way.

To register your local ceremony, please click here:

We initially presented these questions at our workshop during the Parliament, Please add your comments below and further questions you would like to see addressed. 

  1. A profound examination of sites and historical events of massacre and other forms of grave collective wounding with the purpose of instigating healing ceremony at these locations.
    1. at a basic level, listing where the locations of global woundings have or are occurring today.
  2. Identifying the growing number of resources for healing, healing modalities, and experiences of others: workshops. ceremonies, talking circles and other modalities.
  3. Beginning to identify and support those who are willing to commit to join us in ceremony and the healing journey.
  4. Considerations and ideas for the future.

Please leave your discussion comments below.

2 thoughts on “Open Discussion Forum

  1. Hi Jean: This is Matt Whealton from San Francisco. Thanks so much for speaking with me and also introducing me to some of the Grandmothers. I am following up here on our discussion at the Parliament on recording an Egyptian hymn for your website. Let me know how to proceed, and we’ll work on our end to get the recording done!


    1. Matt,
      Thank you,
      I have let Jean know, and you can also reach us via our contact us page.


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