To Really Reclaim the Heart of Our Humanity, Let Us Also Claim the Heart of Our Divinity.

Saniel BonderIn summer 2015 we learned that the ‘Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee’ team had been accepted to offer presentations and an interactive workshop at the Parliament of the World’s Religions, which convened in mid-October in Salt Lake City.

The theme of this year’s Parliament was ‘Reclaiming the Heart of Our Humanity.’ Jean Fleury, the Lakota Sioux Grandmother who is truly the leading vision-bearer for this whole initiative, asked me to address in my speech the whole matter of multi-generational and multi-lineal wounding — the fact of its biological as well as psychological and emotional reality, and what its healing really takes. We also felt it was important for me to bring in the bio-spiritual mysteries and potentials hidden in our hearts.

Thus, this presentation, ‘To Really Reclaim the Heart of Our Humanity, Let Us Also Claim the Heart of Our Divinity.’ It’s a great privilege to share it with you here.

Saniel Bonder


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Updates from the Chief Big Foot Memorial Reunion Ride – Day 1& 2

Updates from the Chief Big Foot Memorial Reunion Ride – Bridger, SD and Four Corners, SD

Tuesday 12/22 the riders, walkers and runners gather for Ceremony, Blessings and Pledges for the Ride, Riders and Walkers.

Daniel, Afraid of Hawk who was with us on the 1990 ride, now 95yrs young joined to bless the ride the night before they circled and Gathered.

Daniel is an original Lakota cowboy. His father survived the massacre. Strong as a bull – he was adamant about being a part of this year’s ride festivities. All of us could learn about being a loving parent and friend from Daniel. 

Here are pictures of Daniel on the 1990 ride, and at Bridger, SD for the start of the Ride, and Blessing. 

Dan-Afraid-of-Hawk-1990 Dan-Afraid-of-Hawk-Bridget-12-22-small-95yrs

Percy White Plume has taken part in the Big Foot Ride since 1986, when it first started. He has been helping to sponsor the Big Foot Memorial Ride and the Future Generations Ride since 1990. He is currently in charge of all arrangements for this year’s 25th Year Reunion Ride for the Big Foot Riders and all riders who have ever taken part in the Wounded Knee Memorial Ride.

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Wounded Knee Ceremony and Big Foot Ride Update 12-22



Tuesday, December 22, 2015
Dear Healing Hearts Community!

Today we bring you the latest updates from the Ride preparations and suggestions for holding your own ceremony.  We are all excited, and look forward to bringing you with us in our hearts as we make the journey to Wounded Knee. 

Dear Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee Community! 
You holding / hosting Ceremony!
You signing / signed Pledge!
You giving Monetary Donation / Support!

Bless you!

And thank you All!  Your love, intention, prayers, and spiritual commitment are felt, absorbed, inhaled, and gratefully received by our whole Healing Hearts Team, our great human family and our Beloved World!  We acknowledge once again our commitment to Peace for all of humanity and to a healthful, loving and flourishing relationship with our planetary home. 

This day all the Chief Bigfoot Band Memorial Reunion Riders, Future Generation Riders, Sitting Bull Memorial Riders, and the full caravan of supporters are gathering at Bridger and Takini School in preparation for starting the Big Foot Ride tomorrow morning!
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Wounded Knee Ceremony and Big Foot Ride Update 12-19-2015

email-Ride-to-Wounded-Knee-53December 19,2015

Dear Healing Hearts Community!

We are nearing the day when The Chief Big Foot Band Memorial Ride departs from Bridger,SD.  Today we are bringing you our latest updates and sharing our Healing Hearts Mission and Vision to carry with us as we prepare for the coming week’s ride and ceremony at Wounded Knee.


Hand in hand, heart to heart, let us step forward together into this new millennium to engender Peace!  We envision humanity in vibrant health, joyous abundance in balance with our earth with governance arising from wisdom, truth and justice, love and peace.
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Morning Hymn for Seven Goddesses

Healing Hearts at Wounded KneeMorning Hymn for Seven Goddesses

For the Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee Global Ceremony, 2015

© Matthew J Whealton, Jr, 2015



This recording is a modern version of the Ancient Egyptian Morning Hymn, performed in Egyptian temples each day just before dawn to awaken the Gods and Goddesses within them. There are a number of ancient examples of these hymns known from throughout Egyptian history. The Temple examples are late, from the 6th century B.C.E to the Roman Period.  The earlier versions were used in other contexts as well – from funeral rituals to royal investitures.

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