Walks With A Dream


Tucon-Saguaro_SunsetThe next day Walks With A Dream was up early and back on the road as he drove around Rose Bud Indian Reservation to view the area.

The blue sky was filled with puffy clouds and one cloud looked like a snake, and the figure reminded him of a healing. He knew that if there was a place to go for healing it was a place where American Indians, many of them unarmed Lakota men, women, and children were massacred by the 7th Calvary in 1890 with newly acquired Hotchkiss guns in 1890.

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Morning Hymn for Seven Goddesses

Healing Hearts at Wounded KneeMorning Hymn for Seven Goddesses

For the Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee Global Ceremony, 2015

© Matthew J Whealton, Jr, 2015



This recording is a modern version of the Ancient Egyptian Morning Hymn, performed in Egyptian temples each day just before dawn to awaken the Gods and Goddesses within them. There are a number of ancient examples of these hymns known from throughout Egyptian history. The Temple examples are late, from the 6th century B.C.E to the Roman Period.  The earlier versions were used in other contexts as well – from funeral rituals to royal investitures.

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Jean Fleury Guest on Indigenous Voices on NOWTIME Radio

Jean FlueryJoin Indigenous Voices host, Audri Scott Williams, Jean Fleury, Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee, and Grandmother Flodemayo, Follow the Golden Path and the International Council of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, on this pre-recorded interview, which should be more appropriately referred to as a 45 minute sacred ceremony, as both Grandmother Flordemayo and Jean Fleury prepare the sacred space for the reading of the Letter of Invitation. By preparing our hearts to receive through prayers and sharing, the passionate calling in of all Indigeous around the world resonates at its highest and best frequency for manifestation. 

Broadcast airs on 11/24 at 12:00 Noon EST.