It’s Time to Pray – Standing Rock,North Dakota

Today there has been a call put out for and International Prayer Vigil, Sunday 10/30/2016 – Where ever you are in the world.  

We are inviting you to join us.

From Lyla June, via her Facebook Page: 
It’s Prayer Time.
International Vigil for Standing Rock this Sunday, October 30th.
They may have broken our bones but they could not break our spirits.
Short notice, but our warriors need lots of healing prayers asap. We love you all!

Facebook event page here:
Record your prayer event here:
See what’s happening in your area here:

If you have been able to follow the story you know the Water Protectors from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, and around the world are continuing to stand in prayer to stop the Dakota Access Pipe Line, and to protect the waters of the Missouri River, for the Tribe, and all downstream.   This is the first time all the tribes have come together in such a way.  Over 500 Tribes from around the world have pledged their support and solidarity. 

Those on the Front line are risking all in taking this stand.  

Dubai, UAE

I am physically alone in my ceremony today but I join you and the global community in spiritual ceremony for peace.

Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville, Florida

For the ride:

In sacred honor of the named and the unnamed; those voices heard and unheard, the generations that have been wounded, and the potentiality of hope that future generations may not have to suffer as those at Wounded Knee suffered. May mercy memories and mercy hopes abide this day.

For the Ceremony:

I walk in a solitary walk today, but in reality I walk in community with you all across the world, and I thank you for being community with me, and with so many as we remember; as we honor sacred lives; as we abhor violence; as we lift up the hope-filled possibility that violence against individuals, peoples, cultures, races….will not continue; and that we might be agents of reconciliation and hope for a future, striving for restoration and unity.


Many thanks Ellen for your global heart and empowerment efforts to stir the hearts of the world into mercy and hope.

Ypsilanti, Michigan

Ypsilanti, Michigan

Frog Island Park

We start at 1pm est, noon central time

For the Ride:

Some few years ago meet chief Gus Higheagle from Canada stop here in Ypsilanti on his way to the United nations. Said a prayer for the horse nation, said it in Dakota so I don’t know how it went, but it was a good one, so from my heart like too share that prayer with the horse’s and their two legged kodas, sunrise the 29th. Kitfox for NYA

For the Ceremony

We stand in solidarity with you today. And thank you for your sacrifices, horse and rider, walkers, firekeepers, cooks, security and all the helpers.(my wife of 25yrs, tondemae-earth woman, passed July 15th thank you for the wiping of the tears) Nathan for Native Youth Alliance