Healing Hearts December Update

WoundedKnee1MileDear, Blessed Companions and Supporters for Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee!


Here we are December 1, 2015, the last month of this year and the very month in which we will be marking the start of a great collective healing, growing, and transformational journey together.  Though we may be small in number as yet, our mission is extremely important, and carries a strong spiritual force.


There are many, many wondrous, treasured and necessary global meditations, prayers, spiritual teachings, spiritual renewals, peace communities, transformation grids, and resonance fields being created and we should be joining in them as much as we feel inspired and are able. 


Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee Ceremonies, the Big Foot Memorial Ride and our mission are for a very clear purpose of consciously facing, embracing, healing and thus transforming all aspects of the roots of massacre, racism, genocide, holocaust, and war.  We WILL that there be, “No More Wounded Knees.” [Chief Arvol Looking Horse at 1990 Wounded Knee Ceremony]   


This is one of the most sacred, blessed and difficult journeys we can make as a human family.  And make it together, we will!  Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee is helping lead the way. Just as we have individually faced our own personal wounds, transgressions, and heinous acts; we as a collective family need to do this too.  We have been traveling the very bleak, tortuous, searingly painful, divisive, derisive, scary, and costly path of war and retaliations long enough! 


As we prepare to do ceremony together, journey together, please remember you are not alone; that you are part of a growing body of human family committed to making Peace; part of the living spirit of the Earth from which our life springs; and a blessed part of the great mystery engendering, gifting life itself, the Sun, our Earth, and all the universes.  You, each of you, each member of humanity is a treasure and should finally be treated so.


We do this to end war!  We do this to stop hurting, killing, torturing, maiming, terrifying, and killing one another! 


We do this to embrace and to honor our great ancestral sacrifices of life.


We do this for our children, family, homes, and for ourselves.


Very practical matters:


  1. For those of you who are coming on the Trek, only 3 motels are planning to open during the trek in Wall, SD: Motel 6, Days Inn, and America’s Best Value.  Please make your reservations soon if you are not planning to camp out.  They all have very reasonable rates.
  2. We will be posting updates and information on our Facebook site, so please check there frequently for these.
  3. Please encourage support from your family, friends and communities. The more Love the better!
  4. We are still accepting donations for all our activities: https://healingheartsatwoundedknee.com
  5. We would love for the whole world to join us in ceremony! Please either invite others or host one yourself. Sign up here: https://healingheartsatwoundedknee.com/ceremony
  6. We will be adjusting our Facebook site to better address all our communication needs and complexities of our mission. Please visit the Facebook site and check this all out. https://www.facebook.com/groups/HealingHeartsatWoundedKnee/
    1. Historical trauma both local & global
    2. Healing needs, experiences and modalities
    3. Spirit’s Support via dreams, events, synchronicities/miracles, visions, etc.
    4. Sharing about whatever related to your life
    5. Ceremony: support, what you are doing, photos, etc.


We would appreciate your feedback about this communication system.  These are some of the most difficult issues in our many lives.  If have other suggestions, please let us know.


Thank You and Bless You on the first day of December, 2015.


Jean FlueryJean Fleury