Readings For The Ceremony, Healing Hearts At Wounded Knee

Putney VT USA: Sadelle Wiltshire

Hand in hand, heart to heart, let us step forward together into this new millennium to engender Peace! We envision a world in vibrant health, joyous abundance in balance with our earth with governance arising from wisdom, truth and justice, love and peace.


CasaMasSana, Casares, Malaga, Spain

Peace begins when we turn away from what they do and turn towards who they are. Together let us Stand with Life and our Ancestors on the Sacred Path and invite the Wisdom of Ages to bathe our wounds and the Spirit of Eternity to heal our sadness.  Let Gratitude replace Grief and let each hour be held in ceremony for the Beauty of Creation. For all our Relatives. A’ho.


The Heartland Project: Jill English

Reconnecting humanity like beads on one string, sends much love to all participants in this profound ceremony. In spirit, and in the spirit of making new memories, we join you for this sacred healing time with the vision that next year we can be with you in celebration of new beginnings.


The Amethyst Tablet

This is the work of Devotion,
for when and in order to enter
into the fullness of life on the Earth.
To those that engage in it
the laurel-crown of poets
and the victory-leaves of athletes
and a serpent from the underworld
as a mantle for the conquering heroes
will be given to the one who completes it,
and the name of that one will be remembered
and recorded in the Houses of Life
amongst the Gods and mortals alike.

You will find before the Palace of the Senses
a sweet-smelling fruit tree, beautiful in foliage,
and running beside it a fragrant pool.
Arriving at it, the spirits of the living mortals
refresh themselves in its pleasant waters,
going from it when they have slaked their thirst
and leaving the shade of the tree’s branches
when their bellies are stocked with its fruits.
Go near this spring, and drink from it,
and taste of the fruits of the tree,
but do not find your satiation there,
and leave the shadow of the Palace
to return to the daily toils of the world!

In the shadows of the Palace of the Senses,
there is a cave wherein will be found
another spring, sometimes fragrant and cool,
and sometimes acrid and warm, but never stagnant
are the flowing waters found within it,
rich with minerals from the Lake of Memory
mixing, undiluted, with the waters
from the pure and undefiled Spring of Devotion.
There are guards before it: nine spear-wielding Nymphs
accompanied by thirteen sword-bearing Satyrs,
and innumerable shades of Ancestors
whose names have been forgotten with passing ages.
They will inquire of you, with superlative knowledge
and the wisdom of a thousand generations,
what you seek in the darkness of the Cave.

“Who are you? Where are you from?”

You yourself, say to them the truth of your state.
Say: “I am a child of Gaia and of shadowed Nyx.
My name is ‘Darkness of Night’;
my race is from the depths of the furthest cosmos—
you yourselves know this.
Though I am nourished on the fruits and drinks
of the Palace of the Senses, I am not satisfied with them;
even if I have my fill of them, my soul is not full,
and thus I am on the edge of perishing.
Therefore, quickly grant to me a sip of the water
from the Spring of Devotion to drink,
that it may take root in the blood of my veins
and by my breath and hands may be shared with others!”

And the Nymphs will lower their spears,
and the Satyrs will sheath their swords,
and together they will speak your name and lineage
to the unnumbered shades of the Ancestors
who, by hearing your name, will gain sight and hearing,
and whose names will be recalled again in your speech;
they will grant you a sip from the divine waters.

Thereafter, your name will be remembered
in the annals of the Houses of Life amongst Gods and mortals.

You, by all means, will—having drunk—go further
into the depths of the cave with the other renowned devotees,
possessed by the inspiration of Gods and Muses.

For that which is above is made
from that which is below,
and that which is below
is built upon that which is above;
the one transformed, the other re-shaped.

So speaks Antinous borrowing the voices
of Orpheus and of Hermes Thrice-Great;
for Antinous upon the Earth was made
from Antinous the Navigator above,
and Antinous Adonis Chthonios
was built upon Antinous the Lover on Earth,
and Antinous Asterion has his being
from Antinous the Liberator,
going above and below in turn.


4 thoughts on “Readings For The Ceremony, Healing Hearts At Wounded Knee

  1. As we all come together in Spirit with Love, in our Divine nature, with ceremony and prayer connecting all our people’s with Sacred Mother and Father Sun. With the help of our Ancestors, we bring love and healing, through forgiveness to our home. Purifying our waters, forests, deserts and air. Returning Honour to all beings. We forgive ourselves, We forgive others, We forgive past experiences and move forward in Freedom and Joy!
    A huge thank you to you all for this amazing event! In Spirit and Heart I ride with you!!!!!!


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  3. May the great oneness blanket the Mother Earth, and all of its inhabitants, with healing warmth, love and forgiveness on this day and every day forward.

  4. Today, Dec 29th, my husband and i had a prayer ceremony in our living room. We also did shamanic journeying. I went straight to Wounded Knee.
    I had been there years before and cried with all the pain and suffering i felt there. As i journeyed today, i was a bit apprehensive, would i be overwhelmed again by the trauma and suffering. I had barely landed at the site in the sky above, when i was overwhelmed with profound peace. I never felt this good before. The entire atmosphere around the site was completely liberated. Though I looked, i could not find the old wounds. Only the promise of a new beginning of us all as one whole and healed family.
    Oh, my gosh, we did it – all of us together, ushered in the sweet energy to live life in a new, complete and forgiven and forgiving way. Those who were wounded, those who did the wounding, i could not tell them apart as
    they both shared the same peace, the same promise for a new beginning.
    That peace is still with me as i write this at 2:44PM EST. Has anyone else
    experienced this today? All my love.

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