Readings For The Ceremony, Healing Hearts At Wounded Knee


From Florida, Donna Christensen

Hand in hand, heart to heart, let us step forward together into this new millennium to engender Peace! We envision a world in vibrant health, joyous abundance in balance with our earth with governance arising from wisdom, truth and justice, love and peace.



From Will Taegel, Winged Medicine, Wimberley, TX
Aho Grandmothers and Grandfathers of the Sacred Web, 
I give thanks to our elders who go before us,
Who forgive and let go of the pain from lost loved ones,
Who forgive and let go of the pain from trust betrayed by our government,
Who forgive and let go of the suffering passed through generations.
May all winged ones, all stars, all fur bearers bear witness to
a new transcending,
a new healing,
and powerful steps toward wholeness on this journey to Wounded Knee,
A journey that returns us humans to the circle of life.


Plant City, Florida, Ley Greywolf

The Earth is our inheritance, even in this modern world; it is our children’s and our grandchildren’s. The stars glimmering in infinite space, the ocean rocking in a timeless and ceaseless rhythm, the roots of the trees that bear fruit, the grass that feeds livestock – this is what we must preserve and honor. We are in the circle of life together, You are all my relations, my relatives, may we live in peace not just with one another but with Mother Earth Herself. 



Waking Up by Linda Van Bibber

 How many lives Does it take For our eyes To awake?
How many lovers, Sisters, brothers encouraging us To see?
How many stumblings In darkened caves, The light always just Out of reach?
How many voices That tempt and teach Along a winding way?
How much sun and how much rain?
How much pleasure and how much pain?
How much joy?
How much relief To finally reach the light Rejoicing now in innocence Children of Earth-Our Birthright!


Brandenburg, Germany, Marion Heinzelmann

There is a truth that`s deeper than experience beyond what we see or even what we feel. It`s an order of truth that separates the profound from the merely clever and the reality from the perception. We are helpless usually in the face of it, and the cost of knowing it, like the cost of knowing love, is sometimes greater than any heart would willingly pay. It doesn’t always help us to love the world, but it does prevent us from hating the world. And the only way to know the truth is to share it from heart to heart… (Gregory David Roberts)



4 thoughts on “Readings For The Ceremony, Healing Hearts At Wounded Knee

  1. As we all come together in Spirit with Love, in our Divine nature, with ceremony and prayer connecting all our people’s with Sacred Mother and Father Sun. With the help of our Ancestors, we bring love and healing, through forgiveness to our home. Purifying our waters, forests, deserts and air. Returning Honour to all beings. We forgive ourselves, We forgive others, We forgive past experiences and move forward in Freedom and Joy!
    A huge thank you to you all for this amazing event! In Spirit and Heart I ride with you!!!!!!


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  3. May the great oneness blanket the Mother Earth, and all of its inhabitants, with healing warmth, love and forgiveness on this day and every day forward.

  4. Today, Dec 29th, my husband and i had a prayer ceremony in our living room. We also did shamanic journeying. I went straight to Wounded Knee.
    I had been there years before and cried with all the pain and suffering i felt there. As i journeyed today, i was a bit apprehensive, would i be overwhelmed again by the trauma and suffering. I had barely landed at the site in the sky above, when i was overwhelmed with profound peace. I never felt this good before. The entire atmosphere around the site was completely liberated. Though I looked, i could not find the old wounds. Only the promise of a new beginning of us all as one whole and healed family.
    Oh, my gosh, we did it – all of us together, ushered in the sweet energy to live life in a new, complete and forgiven and forgiving way. Those who were wounded, those who did the wounding, i could not tell them apart as
    they both shared the same peace, the same promise for a new beginning.
    That peace is still with me as i write this at 2:44PM EST. Has anyone else
    experienced this today? All my love.

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