Wounded Knee Ceremony and Big Foot Ride Update 12-19-2015

email-Ride-to-Wounded-Knee-53December 19,2015

Dear Healing Hearts Community!

We are nearing the day when The Chief Big Foot Band Memorial Ride departs from Bridger,SD.  Today we are bringing you our latest updates and sharing our Healing Hearts Mission and Vision to carry with us as we prepare for the coming week’s ride and ceremony at Wounded Knee.


Hand in hand, heart to heart, let us step forward together into this new millennium to engender Peace!  We envision humanity in vibrant health, joyous abundance in balance with our earth with governance arising from wisdom, truth and justice, love and peace.


Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee [HHAWK] is a focal point for leadership in healing ceremonies and modalities to heal essential and ancient wounds of humanity. Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee will ignite this process of healing for Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities alike.  We endeavor to connect Indigenous and modern wisdom in a synergistic and transformed way to tackle the complexity of our common human challenges now.


Awareness about the mission of Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee is growing more rapidly, especially as the time for the ride approaches. The signatories pledging the end war and massacre has reached all the way to Russia

The total number of Ceremony sites joining us around the world is now over 100 and growing.

A TV station in the Eugene area will be broadcasting our website video made by Varda Bar Kar daily up until the Ceremony on the 29th.

The Global Labyrinth Society, Veritas will be inviting their community to either walk the Labyrinth or participate in prayer with the Labyrinth manually for the Ceremony.  Some members are walking the Labyrinth daily during the ride. (see below for more details) 

The Shift Network is also hosting a global wide Maestro Conference Call, more details to come as the time gets closer. 

Below are 3 of our many examples of ceremonies being held around the world:

1.  Abrahamic Reunion Solidarity event “Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee”

December 29 @ 7:30 am – 7:00 pm

Join the Abrahamic Reunion for a day in solidarity with “Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee“, a global day of healing at sites of historical traumas. On the 125th anniversary of the massacre at Wounded Knee, South Dakota, Israelis and Palestinians will journey together for multi-faith healing prayers at sites of historical traumas in the Holy Land, while over 100 groups of people around the world will do the same where they live.

Link:  http://www.abrahamicreunion.org/events/abrahamic-reunt-wounded-knee/


2.  Mendota Dakota Community, Mendota, MN

According to the origin stories of the Bdewakantunwan Dakota (one of the Seven Fires of the Dakota Oyate), the point where the rivers come together here, the Bdote, is the center of the earth. It is, we are taught by the Bdewakantunwan, where the Dakota people began. Bdote is the Dakhota spelling and pronunciation that was heard by Wichasta Ska, (white people) as Mendota. The Mendota Dakota Community meets at the Dupuis House on the historical site of the Sibley and Faribault homes on the south side of the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers.

The Mendota Dakota Community did get permission from the MNHS ( Thank You ) for Mendota to host our ceremony on Dec 29, at 12:00. We will have prayers around 12:00 and Inipi around 2pm, potluck. There will be many ceremonies across the world. Mendota is honored to be part of ceremony.

Everyone is welcome to Mendota.

See more at:
–    http://mendotadakota.com/mn/
–    https://healingheartsatwoundedknee.com/map-location/mendota-dakota-community


3. Global Healing Response, A unified plan for healing led by the labyrinth community


From In the wake of the events in Paris, California, Africa, Georgia (the list can go on and on), please consider joining the Native Elders as they create a Global ceremony to end massacre, and all that massacre means, and to finally heal our hearts. The event will take place on December 29th at noon.  All are welcome to attend. 

Join the Wounded Knee Celebration by using a finger labyrinth. Make copies for those in your community who would like to participate but can’t get to a public labyrinth!! Click here for the PDF Finger Labyrinth with information and prayer on the back.

For more information on this ceremony, please click here.

We are updating our website daily with more ceremony locations and information. Please visit us there for more information https://healingheartsatwoundedknee.com

If you have updates to add,  post your information, photos, videos on our website here: .  We are on standby to assist if/when you have problems with this, simply email us at [email protected],

The Shift Network will be posting information about the Global Conference call being held during the Ceremony time.  We will post that on our website as well, as the time gets closer. 

Out next scheduled communication will be next Tuesday, December 22, as we gather in Bridger, South Dakota for a Pledging Ceremony in the evening and a community dinner.  The Chief Big Foot Band Memorial Ride begins the next morning!

Hoka Hey!

Jean Fleury 
For Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee

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Main Image “The Centennial Ride to Wounded Knee”, 
James Cook,  http://traditionalsubjects.com

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