As I awoke to Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee

BirdFeederDearest Beloved Family, Community!

You! You reading this, you are my family, my community!
Blessed Mystery allows your presence, even as I write.

As I awoke to embrace this beloved day
As I awoke to greet the morning sun glinting, sparkling off the grass
As I awoke to the beauty mist drifting, floating from the Earth
As I awoke to “too much to do”
As I awoke to Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee
Love, Great Spirit enters…..thee, me,
We Indigenous singing down the Seine!
We Indigenous raising our Song!
We Indigenous, every Human on Earth!
Slowly joining hands, Slowly joining Hearts!
Gradually, inexorably, assuredly,
Love, Great Spirit
Melting walls keeping us apart
Thou, Thee, We, Me

Here we are, December 8, 2015

One Day. Tomorrow starts the Dakota 38 Plus 2 Ride form Lower Brule and the Crow Creek Sioux Reservations to Mankato, Minnesota ending the day after Christmas when 38 of our ancestors were hung in 1862. You can watch an hour+ long free movie about this if you like:

5 Days. The end of this week reveals our new global policy on Climate!

7 Days. On December 15, 2015, Riders and Peace Walkers start out from Fort Yates, North Dakota honoring the memory of Chief Sitting Bull, as they trek daily to join the Big Foot Riders on December 22nd, in Bridger, South Dakota. This is a ceremony.

15 Days. On December 23, 2015, the Big Foot 25th Year Reunion and Memorial Ride will start out from Bridger, South Dakota on their way to Wounded Knee. This is a ceremony.20 Days. December 28th, The Big Foot Riders including those on foot will arrive at the Wounded Knee Massacre site in the afternoon.

21 Days. Three Weeks. December 29th at 12 noon begins the first formal global wide Ceremony: Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee. Those joining in this Ceremony are growing daily. Here are two beautiful examples:

“The Mendota Community is riding with you in Spirit. If you are in the Mendota area on Dec 29 come to the DuPuis House in Mendota MN 55150 come and join us in our Inipi & prayers & potluck. Sharon Lennartson Tribal Chairwoman & Tribal Council & Community Members.”

Here is the other:
“Torsåker witch trials The memorial stone on Häxberget Torsåker witch trials were a lawsuit in Torsåkers parish in Ångermanland. It was the biggest witch trial in häxhysterin The big uproar 1668-1676, and the biggest witch trial ever in Sweden. In 1674 it had häxhysteri, which led to the witch trials in several provinces since the case against Märet Jonsdotter in Lillhärdal 1668 reached Angermanland. On 15 October 1674 started a trial at the inn in Hammar in Torsåkers parish. Seventy parishioners from Torsåker, Dal and Ytterlennes were accused of witchcraft. One of the most driving forces behind the witch trials was the priest Laurentius Hornaeus.

The accusation was practice of witchcraft and kidnapping of children to the Brocken. Total beheaded and burned 71 people 1 June 1675. 65 were women (every fifth woman in Torsåkers parish), two were men and four were boys. According to some sources, was executed nine people already on 28 March and the remaining 62, June 1, at Häxberget the current Kramfors for allegedly dressed up journeys and sexual relations with the devil. It is the largest documented mass execution in peacetime was carried out with the support of existing legislation. Total executed about 300 people for witchcraft in Sweden during the witch hunts 1668-1676. Another hundred were accused and convicted of a lesser sentence. – See more at:

The powerful dedication, intention, devotion, and spiritual support for this are sweetly, potently, wonderfully growing too. We need to all tell our stories about this!! 

You can post on our Facebook site:

I have a newer more reliable truck! I leave from Georgia t drive to South Dakota tomorrow morning. I will have to be with my Dakota 38 Plus Two relatives in spirit!

Deep Love Always,

Jean FlueryJean Fleury