Wounded Knee Ceremony and Big Foot Ride Update 12-14-2015

Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee Update:
December 14, 2015
Healing the Generations


Thus, we do Pledge to end War
Thus, we do Pledge to end Massacre
Thus, we do Ceremony to thank and honor all who have died in War in War & Massacre
Thus we do Ceremony to invite the Sacred to inspire and walk with us, guide our paths
Thus we do Ceremony to Honor and Treasure All Life
Thus we do Ceremony to Celebrate the Gift of our Families
Thus we do Ceremony to Honor and care for all Future Generations
Thus we do Ceremony to Honor our Earth & her Treasury of Creation
Thus do we Honor Creator, profound Deep

Dear Ceremony Companions and Supporters!

Percy White Plume (Grandfather and Ride Overseer) hosted the final planning meeting for the 25th Reunion Ride of the Chief Big Foot Band Memorial Riders yesterday afternoon on the Pine Ridge Reservation in Manderson, SD near Wounded Knee. Along with the great planning, we shared Indian Fry bread, coffee, and delicious Menudo soup! All is coming together in a sacred way!
For all our community of supporters and particularly for those who are hosting Ceremony with us across the United States and around the world, here is our plan for communication and support:  
  1. Another major email this coming Thursday or Friday, Dec. 17 or 18th. 
  2. Another email update on December 22nd, when the Riders/Walkers/Runners are gathering at Bridger. 
  3. A last email update late on December 28th after the final planning session for Ceremony at Wounded Knee on December 29th. 
  4. We plan on posting videos and photos on Facebook and our Website during the ride. 
  5. A Shift Network Ceremony hosted by Devaa Haley Mitchell will be broadcasting a global wide Maestro Conference Call for those who choose to participate in this way. Details about this will follow later this week. Her husband, Stephen Dinan (CEO of The Shift Network) will be attending the live Ceremony at Wounded Knee. 
  6. Grandmother Flordemayo and 3 sisters from her network will be attending the Ceremony to lend their prayers and support.
Here is what we need from you:
  1. If you have registered your ceremony with us, we are asking all to verify and update your information on our update page: https://healingheartsatwoundedknee.com/ceremony-location-data-update/ or if you are not yet registered your ceremony site, please do so here: https://healingheartsatwoundedknee.com/global/ceremony-registration/ 
  2. Please include a brief/short or long/detailed history about your site and why you have chosen or been called to host at this location. Some of you have already done this and we thank you! We look forward to everyone being able to see what the others are doing and to have more of a sense of connection. 
  3. If you have photos of your community, your location or other photos to share, please post them on our map or send them via email to info[at]healingheartsatwoundedknee.com 
  4. Please let us know your needs, questions, concerns, so we can address them over the next several days.
 As an overview, we have ceremonies scheduled in over 100 locations, including these places to name a few:
United States
 Mendota, Minnesota
Pasadena, California
Portland, Oregon
Stone Mountain, Georgia
Buchanan, Tennessee
Omaha, Nebraska
Spokane, Washington
Mt. Shasta, California
Hogdom, Maine
Hedgesville, West Virginia
 Haxberget, Sweden
Sherborne, England
London, UK
St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland
Exeter, England
Persil, Netherlands
Bath England
Malaga, Spain
Turcifla, Portugal
Around the World
 Phuket, Thailand
Bryon Bay, Australia
Queensland, Australia
Qintana Roo, Micronesia
Antiqua, Colombia
CasaMasSana, Spain
Ilzaco, El Salvador
Jerusalem, Israel
Island of Reunion, Africa
Slave Lake, Alberta, Canada
Thank you and bless you all!
Jean FlueryJean Fleury
for Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee
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To make a donation to the riders or ceremony: https://healingheartsatwoundedknee.com/donations-2/
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Contact us for Questions or Support: info[at]healingheartsatwoundedknee.com