History of Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee

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Great Calling: Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee Ending War that the World May Heal

By Jean Fleury

Sacred companionship in following a great calling; this is what I am endeavoring to do. I share with you some pieces of the deepest and most profound experience of great calling in doing the work of “Wounded Knee.”

First and foremost is anunciation. I choose this word especially to honor the mysterious, but unmistakeable way the “holy” made itself known in my small life. There assuredly cannot be any greater treasure nor gift than a direct knowing of mystery’s personal and intimate love, radiance, omnipotence, and infinite power. Great, deep, unmistakable, and ever evolving comes this greatest Love. From the foundation of this tender and great relationship, all things become possible. For what seemed like a very long time, I lived in wonder at what my next life purpose might be.

Then, I met Saniel Bonder right after the Continue reading

Wounded Knee Ceremony and Big Foot Ride Update 12-14-2015

Healing the Generations
Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee Update:
December 14, 2015
Healing the Generations


Thus, we do Pledge to end War
Thus, we do Pledge to end Massacre
Thus, we do Ceremony to thank and honor all who have died in War in War & Massacre
Thus we do Ceremony to invite the Sacred to inspire and walk with us, guide our paths
Thus we do Ceremony to Honor and Treasure All Life
Thus we do Ceremony to Celebrate the Gift of our Families
Thus we do Ceremony to Honor and care for all Future Generations
Thus we do Ceremony to Honor our Earth & her Treasury of Creation
Thus do we Honor Creator, profound Deep

Dear Ceremony Companions and Supporters!

Percy White Plume (Grandfather and Ride Overseer) hosted the final planning meeting for the 25th Reunion Ride of the Chief Big Foot Band Memorial Riders yesterday afternoon on the Pine Ridge Reservation in Manderson, SD near Wounded Knee. Along with the great planning, we shared Indian Fry bread, coffee, and delicious Menudo soup! All is coming together in a sacred way!
For all our community of supporters and particularly for those who are hosting Ceremony with us across the United States and around the world, here is our plan for communication and support: Continue reading

As I awoke to Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee

BirdFeederDearest Beloved Family, Community!

You! You reading this, you are my family, my community!
Blessed Mystery allows your presence, even as I write.

As I awoke to embrace this beloved day
As I awoke to greet the morning sun glinting, sparkling off the grass
As I awoke to the beauty mist drifting, floating from the Earth
As I awoke to “too much to do”
As I awoke to Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee
Love, Great Spirit enters…..thee, me,
We Indigenous singing down the Seine!
We Indigenous raising our Song!
We Indigenous, every Human on Earth!
Slowly joining hands, Slowly joining Hearts!
Gradually, inexorably, assuredly,
Love, Great Spirit
Melting walls keeping us apart
Thou, Thee, We, Me

Here we are, December 8, 2015 Continue reading

Healing Hearts December Update

WoundedKnee1MileDear, Blessed Companions and Supporters for Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee!


Here we are December 1, 2015, the last month of this year and the very month in which we will be marking the start of a great collective healing, growing, and transformational journey together.  Though we may be small in number as yet, our mission is extremely important, and carries a strong spiritual force.


There are many, many wondrous, treasured and necessary global meditations, prayers, spiritual teachings, spiritual renewals, peace communities, transformation grids, and resonance fields being created and we should be joining in them as much as we feel inspired and are able. 


Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee Ceremonies, the Big Foot Memorial Ride and our mission are for a very clear purpose of consciously facing, embracing, healing and thus transforming all aspects of the roots of massacre, racism, genocide, holocaust, and war.  We WILL that there be, “No More Wounded Knees.” [Chief Arvol Looking Horse at 1990 Wounded Knee Ceremony]    Continue reading